2013 Lincoln MKS Luxury Sedan

Mileage: 64,000 miles
Location:  Phoenix, AZ
Color: White
Interior: Black
Price: $13,500
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2004 Porsche Cayenne S AWD SUV

Mileage: 42,000 miles
Location:  El Cajon, CA
Color: Silver
Price: $17,500
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1987 Lincoln Town Car Signature

Mileage: 95,000 miles
Location:  Cochrane, WI
Color: White
Interior: Blue
Price: $7,900
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2006 Dodge Charger With Suicide Doors

Mileage: 48,000 miles
Location:  Versailles, KY
Color: Black
Interior: Black
Price: $36,000
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2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport

Mileage: 22,000 miles
Location:  Naples, FL
Color: Black
Interior: Black
Price: $49,999
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2013 Volkswagen Passat SE

Mileage: 72,000 miles
Location:  Louisville, KY
Color: Blue
Interior: Black
Price: $12,900
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1937 Dodge Coupe

Mileage: 37,000 miles
Location:  Huntington Beach, CA
Color: Yellow
Interior: Brown
Price: $23,900
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2011 BMW X6 5.0 X Drive With Roof Rack

Mileage: 44,600 miles
Location:  Brooklyn, NY
Color: Grey
Interior: Grey
Price: $37,000
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